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Selected Seedling Hybrid Hazelnuts (Corylus spp. hybrids)

Selected Seedling Hybrid Hazelnuts (Corylus spp. hybrids)

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These are the hedgerow type industry standard. Average shrub size at maturity range between 8-12'. Ripen from mid-August through mid-September. Harvest nut clusters by hand or by straddle harvester. More vitamin E than almonds. Nuts can be consumed fresh or cooked. Yields crops across USDA hardiness zones 3-7.  Nut clusters in their fringed husks (involucre) are very ornamental. Autumn colors can be anything from yellow to red, orange and even pink! These shrubs are hubs for biodiversity, providing critical habitat for insects, arachnids, amphibians, reptiles, and migrating songbirds. One of the most impactful shrubs for ecological restoration efforts! 

Prefer fertile, well-drained soils, however they're adapted to a wide range of soils. Plant in full-sun for more nuts. They tend to take more time to grow in denser clay soils and more rapidly in sandier soils (as is the case with most trees and shrubs). Not preferred deer browse. 

The Selected Seedlings are genetically diverse enough to pollinate amongst themselves, and are a great choice to include alongside Controlled-Cross Seedlings and Commercial Cultivars for ensuring pollination. 

Our hazelnut breeding goals include: youthful bearing, high yields, pest & disease resistance, suitability for low-input and certified organic conditions. All seed is open pollinated and all genetics are public domain with the intention for them to remain that way.  Seed is selected from the top producing plants and only the best are allowed to shed pollen in our pollen-controlled breeding plots. Inferior plants are ruthlessly eliminated from the breeding site using a heavy duty flail chopper.  

The parents of our strain of hazelnuts come from the breeding programs of Jack Gellatley in  Alberta,  George Slate & others from Geneva, New York, Cecil Ferris of Michigan, Badgersett Research of Minnesota, Carl Weschke, the University of Wisconsin, and New Forest Farms all in Wisconsin. Wild American Hazelnut selections from high altitude Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, New York and Maine have also found their way into our breeding program.



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