Currants (Ribes sp)

Every time a North American eats a raspberry or blueberry, a European eats a currant. Currants, coming in red, white, and black varieties, are cousins to our woodland understory native - the gooseberry. Prior to 1900, the U.S. currant industry was expanding right alongside the European market. Then, in ~1910, a federal ban made this incredible fruit disappear from the country almost instantaneously. The ban was a result of currants being a carrier for a disease that kills white pine trees. As a result, currants slowly faded from the U.S. conscious over the last century.  
Since the 1950s, however, we have had varieties resistant to the relevant white pine disease, and this amazing fruit is finally starting to make a comeback in the U.S. Most nurseries carry the early 1950s & 60s varieties - bred solely for disease resistance. Here, we have the latest-greatest varieties that combine disease resistance, high yields, and outstanding flavor profiles. 
A native to the woodland, currants are the prime understory companion species to any fruit or nut trees (some studies even show that optimal growth takes place at 30% shade!). These black currants can be machine harvested or harvested by hand. The red currants are best harvested by hand.
The plants grow vigorously and produce their first fruit in just their second year. From jam and juice to wine and dessert, currants are also extremely versatile in the kitchen fresh or dried.


Bundle Qty Price/bundle of 25 seedlings
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