We offer design, tree planting, farmland development and investment work through Restoration Agriculture Development . RAD specializes in whole-systems, ecological land-use planning with an emphasis on Agroforestry practices and Permaculture design.

RAD can help you:

  • Set up an Agroforestry system
  • Determine the appropriate Agroforestry practices that are best suited to your farm, estate or campus.
  • Devise a conversion plan to successfully implement the selected practices.
  • Prepare enterprise budgets and cash-flow projections for the enterprise.
  • Design and layout of Windbreaks, Alleycropping, Riparian Zones, Forest Farming, Silvopasture and polyculture systems.

RAD considers:

  • Current and proposed land use
  • Existing vegetation and ecological processes
  • The relationship between your property and its surroundings, including: topography, soils, wind, water and sunlight relationships, wildlife travel patterns and landscape connectivity.


Design and installation crew out in Tennessee.Setting up the machine tree transplanter attachment on the back of a tractor. It's a great tool for efficiently planting large numbers of hazelnut seedlings and other small bare root trees.This is immediately following the completion of an integrated agroforestry design adjacent to Ecovillage at Ithaca.