Mark and a host of other designers are now doing all of their design, tree planting, farmland development and investment work out of Restoration Agriculture Development Inc. RAD specializes in whole-systems, ecological land-use planning with an emphasis on Agroforestry practices and Permaculture design.

RAD can help you:

  • Determine the appropriate Agroforestry practices that are best suited to your farm, estate or campus.
  • Devise a conversion plan to successfully implement the selected practices.
  • Prepare enterprise budgets and cash-flow projections for the enterprise.
  • Design and layout of Windbreaks, Alleycropping, Riparian Zones, Forest Farming, Silvopasture and polyculture systems.

RAD considers:

  • Current and proposed land use
  • Existing vegetation and ecological processes
  • The relationship between your property and its surroundings, including: topography, soils, wind, water and sunlight relationships, wildlife travel patterns and landscape connectivity.