Tree Crop Nursery Information



We offer bulk bare-root dormant nursery stock of food-producing perennial woody crops, catering to the larger scale needs involved in Restoration Agriculture, Silvopasture, Agroforestry, Permaculture systems, Food Plots, Habitat enrichment, Farms, Orchards and especially Regenerative supply chains. The parent plants of our seedlings have been producing reliable, high-quality crops in southwest Wisconsin through all extremes of weather and climate (-52 to 112 degrees, droughts and floods) for the past 14+ years. We sell only species that have been successfully cropped on the home farm and their respective region. Most of our plants are well adapted to USDA Hardiness Zones 4-7, with many adapted to Zones 2 & 3.
In order to encourage the planting of enough edible woody crops to produce a significant quantity of food, and in order to keep our cost per plant as low as possible, we sell wholesale quantity bundles of stock. Each bundle contains 25 seedlings unless otherwise specified.
*** Shipping: Due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship to AK, HI, CA, OR or WA***
For Potted Plants (available for Pickup only from select locations) or to have us do any contract growing, please Contact Us to make arrangements.
Please direct all other nursery inquiries to