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Apple Scion Wood; single live cutting

Apple Scion Wood; single live cutting

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Priced per cutting. Each cutting is around 8" long and works for up to three grafts. All the varieties we offer can tolerate the coldest of cold that Wisconsin has to throw at us. 

Mark braves the below zero temperatures and knee-deep snow to harvest the scion wood deep in its' dormancy, so we don't have to. Now that's love. 

Attach some scionwood varieties to that wild crabapple growing along the hedgerow or add more to your existent orchard. Multitudes of design possibilities. 

9 apple varieties to choose from:

Tolman Sweet: Late bloomer (harvest Mid-Sept to Mid-Oct). Crisp. Delicate yellow skins that sometimes display red stripes from it's Old Russett genealogy.  

Rhode Island GreeningLate bloomer (harvest Mid-Sept to Mid-Oct). Versatile. Tender, crisp, juicy and quite tart. Excellent winter storage apple and one of the best cooking apples available. Dark green fruits are large, round with flattened ends that change greenish-yellow when ripe.

Hazen: Flowers early. Has some resistance to fire blight. Fruits are large and dark red with juicy, semi-firm sweet flesh. Great for eating fresh off the tree or cooking. 

Liberty: (harvest early Sept) Dynamic. Large, red/green and crisp. Both sweet and tart. Prolific producer that is also resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight, and powdery mildew. What more could you want? Pollen compatible with Freedom and Cortland.

Freedom: (harvest late Sept-early Oct) Another versatile care-free apple that thrives in areas with apple scab, powdery mildew, and fire blight. Bold bright red fruit with crisp, juicy flesh. Great candidate for eating raw, hard cider, juicing, and cooking. Best Pollinators are Cortland and Liberty.

Roxbury Russet: (harvest late Sept-early Oct) Great all-purpose apple that stores well. Medium to large elliptical yellow-brownish fruits. Reddish hues may show on sun exposed portions. Coarse, green-yellow flesh with compact core. Coarse, greenish-yellow flesh. 

Golden Russet: (harvest during Oct) A medium-size apple, color varies from grey-green to a golden bronze with a bright coppery-orange cheek. Crisp fine-grained, yellowish flesh loaded with exceptionally sugary juice. Shown resistance to apple scab and other fruit tree diseases. A variety prized for cider making, as well as desserts. Stores very well.  Fruit tend to hang onto the tree even after the leave have fallen.

MacFree: (harvest late Sept) An easy-care, improved McIntosh! The fruit is aromatic with tangy, tender flesh iconic of its parent while the tree has exceptional disease-resistant to apple scab, powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, and fire blight. Heavy-bearing.

Priscilla: Late summer variety. Medium-large blush red fruit. Rich, sweet taste. Extremely resistant to fire blight and apple rust.   

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