Social and Environmental Responsibility


Since our founding in 1997, we have maintained a policy of supporting organizations that align with our goals of ecosystem restoration and the creation of perennial food systems. A minimum of 10% of annual revenues of Forest Ag go to support such organizations. 

At Forest Agriculture Enterprises, we believe that Social Responsibility means that all entities, organizations and individuals, have an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. 
Social responsibility is a duty everyone has in order to maintain a balance between the economy, our private lives, our communities and the ecosystems that support us all. At Forest Ag we partner with local communities, non- profits and educational organizations in order to foster learning and a more complete understanding of the natural world around us. We actively encourage direct participation in earth repair.  
Corporate Environmental Responsibility most commonly refers to a company's duties to abstain from damaging natural environments which is welcomed and applauded, but we feel that this does not go far enough. Instead of merely being a side-effect of being in business, the health and well-being of the natural world and people are the reasons WHY we are in business in the first place. We are here to usher in the new era of ecosystem repair. We can have BOTH ecological restoration AND agricultural production simultaneously and we believe that these are the basis of a truly sustainable economy and culture.