Growing For Good

Growing For Good Collaboration

Growing for Good is a project of the Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, WI. At Growing for Good, students from kindergarten through high school learn about growing food, making compost, and all aspects of greenhouse and garden center production systems as part of their everyday school curriculum. Beginning in 2018 Forest Ag has partnered with Growing For Good in order to supply them with woody plant material for retail sales, along with the opportunity for additional retail sales during the early spring season when their greenhouse and garden center business is just waking up for the season.  
When you order ANY Forest Ag plants and use the code G4G2019 at checkout or through the Growing For Good website, 10% of the proceeds goes to support their educational programming.    


Why teach children to garden? We think the Growing for Good website says it quite well: 


Our culture today is becoming more and more removed from nature. Our modern fast-paced lives make procuring and eating healthy food a challenge of enormous proportions, far from a natural experience. Eating is a basic human need. Growing food and caring for the earth is primal. It follows that the more we engage children with this practice, the more they have an opportunity to perceive the world of nature and their role in her care. Immersing ourselves in the rhythms of the seasons – something that happens naturally through caring for a garden – can rekindle a lost relationship and empower children to take responsibility for their own nourishment and food choices.” by Ronni Sands, Growing Sustainable Children: A Garden Teacher’s Guide, SteinerBooks, 2017