Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa)

A medium, wide-spreading shrub with glossy green foliage. It is native to northern China and Japan. Hardy to zone 3, it will grow to 8 feet in height and width.6-8ft x 6-8ft. This cherry is a VERY cold hardy, semi-sweet cherry (we have grown it successfully in Mentasta, Alaska). It withstands winds and is fairly drought tolerant. It will grow in shade but blooms better when grown in full sun to partial shade. Crops are larger when planted in full sun, but hot, dry conditions can cause them to desiccate rapidly especially in drought years. Shade-grown bushes produce fewer flowers and fruit, but the fruit tends to hang on longer and stay succulent. These seedlings need to be near other Nanking Cherries to pollinate. Great for use in hedges.  


Bundle Qty Price/bundle of 25 seedlings
Buy 1 $150.00 bundle of 25 seedlings
Buy 4 $137.50 bundle of 25 seedlings
Buy 20 $125.00 bundle of 25 seedlings

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